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Black box SolutionsTM

Market Manager: Ron McGaskey
Technology Manager Bill Stanton

Black Box Solutions™ is a consultative product development service designed to improve client’s competitive stance, leveraging the technology, information systems, and design know-how of Faroex and RMC.

Imagine a constellation of innovation services backed by an adaptive business culture that is dedicated to building customer value. Innovation is more than clever product design, more than an obsession with quality, certainly more than the lowest price solution. It is the strategic deployment of manufacturing resources, integrated logistics, advanced materials technology, and market know-how. It is a total commitment to improving our client’s dimensions of value.  


Black Box deliverables range from:

  • Technology Fairs at your facility, tailored to your needs, supported by Faroex’s key technology partners.
  • Fully configured Cost Management Proposals, including technology, process, and design alternatives that translate into improved profitability for maturing products
  • Product or process improvement strategies designed to meet new market challenges
  • New product strategies created specifically to counter competitive challenges in maturing markets and access emerging market opportunities, and include:
    • Industrial Design
    • Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
    • FEA and virtual testing
    • 3-D CAD modeling
    • Prototyping