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About the company

This is Faroex

Faroex’s technology-based dimensions of value are contributing to the development of sustainable industries that promote the well-being of our planet. From critical structures for wind turbine blades  to lightweight, corrosion resistant bus bodies, Faroex uses high-technology composites to create total solutions in design, manufacturing, and supply management for its industry-leading customers. Its superior knowledge in the field of thermosetting plastics is backed by a network of experts, all supported by an adaptive business culture.

Faroex is structured to seek solutions from a range of technology and process options – pultrusion, resin infusion, reaction injection molding, and structural injection molding - and tailor those options to fit its customer’s performance, manufacturing, and business criteria. Markets served include:

  • Commercial transportation
  • Civil infrastructure
  • Alternate energy
  • Specialty Vehicles
  • Agriculture
  • Building Customer Value Through Innovation and Technology

    As part of its marketing and sales support strategy, Faroex’s Black Box Solutions (BBS) provides an art-to-part product innovation service that meets clearly defined marketing and business objectives set by the client.

    Faroex’s Black Box deliverables include:

    • Fully configured Cost Management Proposals
    • Product or process improvement strategies
    • Engineering and design support for its client’s new product development programs

    Click on the black box for an instant connection to Faroex’s sales representatives for more information about how BBS can benefit your firm.