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Farm Equipment

4WD tractor designed exclusively for RMC by Advanta Design Group

Market manager: Bruno Doyon
Composite parts: Ron McGaskey

Global climate change is already impacting traditionally stable crop lands, desiccating once rain-fed agricultural biomes and inundating previously semi-arid lands. Instability in petroleum markets is driving input costs to new highs at all levels. Agribusiness and traditional family farmers alike are scrambling to adapt to the new reality, looking to OEMs for innovative equipment that is fuel efficient, will reduce operating costs, preserve the land, and allow them to adapt to the new farming conditions. For example, as conditions in formerly semi-arid regions become wetter, soil compaction due to excessive equipment weight will increase demand for lighter equipment. Those new to dry land farming will demand improvements in zero-tillage equipment to maximize yields and minimize exposure of soil to desiccation and wind erosion.

Composite Technologies & Applications

  • Pultrusion: Rugged, high TG, glass reinforced epoxy track stiffeners for the next generation of tracked vehicles.
  • VARTM: consolidated, structural, self-insulating cab floor pans
  • DCPD: cab roofs and reinforcement, hoods, engine side panels, intricate grilles, rugged fenders and splash deflectors, high-heat radiator shrouds, and bezels for forward-tail-and-working lights.

Faroex’s superior dimensions of value include completely integrated assemblies ready for installation – such as a hood and grille cassette complete with lighting, electrical harnesses, latches and latching hardware, and internal support elements, supplied line-sequenced for drop-on installation.

Consolidated composite floor pan for swather

Market Manager: Bruno Doyon

Composite parts : Ron McGaskey