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Faroex Ltd is a recognized innovator in the pultrusion industry, pioneering the long lineal capabilities we take for granted today.

We currently operate six pultrusion machines ranging from 12” to 48“capacity.

Pultrusion is a composite processing technology with a high degree of dimensional control. Fiberglass reinforcement - organized by a series of guide plates and feeder tubes – is pulled through a bath of promoted resin and into the mouth of a heated steel die. The die is usually A20 tool steel that has been machined, hardened, and chrome-plated, to create a linear cavity that is identical to the desired profile. The resin-soaked reinforcement catalyzes and cures as it passes through its 40” length. The resulting profile is rigid, and can incorporate a wide range of reinforcement including cores.

With its innovative RF curing technology, Faroex can pultrude profiles >50mm in thickness with 75% glass fraction. The firm also has the capability of pultruding carbon fibre and epoxy resins.

Interior parcel rack shells & heat ducts for MCI’s J4500 and D4500 coaches

Typical applications for pultrusions range from utilitarian, high strength track bars to cosmetic side body panels for transit vehicles.
Other applications include:

  • replacement of extruded aluminum, for cost & corrosion
  • wind turbine blade reinforcement
  • transit & coach parts and assemblies
    • parcel rack shells and heat ducts
    • interior transit ad frames, speaker panels, lighting, & finish elements
    • exterior impact & corrosion-and-leak-proof side panels and roof coves

Benefits of using pultrusion technology:

  • cheaper than aluminum for complex profiles with >.125” nominal thickness
  • higher dimensional tolerances than aluminum extrusion
  • high strength-to-weight ratio
  • very high tensile strength in long dimension
  • good compressive strength
  • variable flexural modulus
  • impact resistant
  • very low coefficient of thermal expansion

For more information about pultrusion, call or e-mail our technical sales representative and request Faroex’s “Pultrusion Technology Primer” – it’s everything you’ll need to know to get started on your pultrusion design project!

Exterior roof cove and lower side panels; interior ad frame & ventilator for New Flyer’s Invero