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History Faroex

Faroex Ltd. was started in 1981 by Ken Church in his garage on a 20-acre plot near Stony Mountain, Manitoba, Canada with $60,000 in seed money from the sale of his house and boat, loans from four investors, and ample use of his credit card. With input from his mentor and plastics guru the late Dave Martens as well as local hog farmers, Ken designed and prototyped a flooring system for hog farrowing comprised of a grid of pultruded beams supporting interlocking floor grates of injection molded, recycled glass-filled polypropylene. The innovative system was such a hit that within three months, he had relocated the operation to a facility in Gimli Manitoba's industrial park and commenced full production. All of the manufacturing equipment was custom designed by Ken and his team of engineers. For more information about Faroex's Hog Flooring Products.

By 1996, Faroex was a recognized innovator in the pultrusion industry, pioneering the thin profile, long lineal capabilities the window industry takes for granted today. Hog floor production accounted for 45% of capacity utilization and 55% of the revenue. Markets had expanded from Manitoba to North America to Vietnam, Australia, South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, and Japan.

The firm's product lines expanded to include high-strength, high TG, pultruded epoxy Sno-Trak bars for reinforcing snowmobile track belts, and a reinforcing core for fibre optics cabling. In 1999, the engineering team at Faroex - responding to a challenge from New Flyer Industries' R and D group - created a lightweight, high-strength composite floor for NFI's innovative Invero transit bus. Comprised of two glass-reinforced polyester face sheets encapsulating a foam-filled, phenolic-infused craft paper honeycomb, the 28' (8.5meter) floor panel was molded in one piece, complete with sloped sections at the rear-exit door. The floor was 20% lighter than the traditional ACQ plywood panel flooring, rot-and-leak proof, and eliminated 1500 drilled-and-tapped screws that had secured the wooden flooring.

Introduced at the American Public Transportation Association's Expo 1999, the floor went into production in 2000. There has never been a warranty claim for the failure of a Faroex floor. During that same period, the custom pultrusion business expanded to include parcel racks and heat ducts for Motor Coach Industries’ coaches; speaker panels, roof coves, interior ad frames, and lower side panels for New Flyer; and structural components for LM Wind Energy's turbine blade infusion operation in Grand Forks, ND. Revenue grew to $14 million CAD, with employment topping 115 dedicated workers operating 6 pultrusion machines ranging from 12” to 48“capacity.

In 2006, Ken Church announced his retirement and sale of the company to Sigma Ventures Inc., a Quebec-based consolidator of composite processors. Faroex Ltd continues to market the Polygrate line of high quality hog flooring and farrowing products. In 2015, Faroex expanded its product offering to include Reaction Injection Molding (RIM), replacing RTM-lite service access panels on MCI's J4500 coaches with lighter, lower cost, impact resistant DCPD panels.

Today, Faroex is a consultative vendor leveraging its extensive experience in commercial transportation markets. Faroex’s primary objective is to create a tier-one relationship with each client that transcends vending.

Development services include:

  • concept development & technology optimization
  • budget preparation, costing, and pricing
  • CAD models & drawings

Pre-production services:

  • prototyping, testing, and certification
  • tooling development and fabrication

Manufacturing & finishing services:

  • primary manufacturing
  • secondary trimming, cutting, drilling
  • tertiary value-added finishing
  • sanding, priming
  • assembling, bonding, packaging

We also believe in process leadership and operational excellence. In concert with our sister company RMC - with its diverse manufacturing resources - we blend composites with other technologies to enhance your product’s performance and its competitive stance. Our dedication to innovation is market driven, based on gaining a complete understanding of our customer’s future requirements.