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About Studio™

Efficient and effective communication is at the heart of every successful product development project.

Faroex’s technologies must be configured to match each unique application, which requires a complete understanding of the client’s performance criteria – from mechanical properties to operating environment to business case. The more detailed our understanding of a client’s requirements, the more accurate our technology configuration and quote will be.

Accordingly, Faroex created Studio, a unique and secure product design and engineering service. Its express purpose is streamlining the development process, compression of time to market, and optimization of client engineering and procurement resources. Using Studio, both engineering and procurement professionals can:

  • Access design criteria and mechanical properties of Faroex’s processes and materials
  • Access Black Box Solutions – our total solutions service
  • Provide Faroex engineering with a clear and concise outline of performance criteria, formatted for ease of understanding
  • Exchange CAD drawings and models
  • Receive engineering estimates prior to a formal quote, thus providing an opportunity to fine tune material properties, processing, and tooling to more closely match your acceptance criteria.

For more information about Studio, call or contact an Account Manager and get started on your Studio project right away!