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Shuttle, Airporter, & Cutaways

Faroex’s Downright Light™ composite body shell technology can substantially reduce the weight, assembly, and operating costs of cutaway shuttles, van conversions, or specialty school buses.

For example: DCPD lower body panels and service doors are typically 20% lighter and 25% less costly than thermoformed or RTM-lite panels, but with the added benefit of superior low temperature impact resistance. And, DCPD is no longer the expensive spread – Faroex’s new innovative Portal™ molding process slashes DCPD tooling budgets by 90%, making this automotive-quality process accessible and affordable for low-volume OEMs.

Other composite technologies that provide lightweight and superior performance include:

  • VARTM (3-D , unitized structural flooring)
  • Pultruded plank flooring for the ultimate in design and manufacturing flexibility

Beat the Ten7 challenge with RMC's Downright Light composite technology!

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