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DCPD telehandler engine cowling - light weight, low-cost, impact resistant, and affordable tooling using Faroex's exclusive Portal process.
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The rising demand for reinforced plastics in the construction equipment market is driven by the vast number of applications as well as industry growth.

Now that Tier 4 is law, OEMs marketing vehicular equipment are faced with sharply higher engine prices compounded by record metal prices. OEMs manufacturing tow-along equipment such as generators and portable lighting will be under pressure to reduce the weight and wind resistance of their products to improve the fuel economy of the tow vehicle.

OEMs in the construction equipment market are turning to reinforced plastics for a variety of reasons: lower-cost alternative to metal; the economies of part consolidation; lower-cost styling capabilities; corrosion and impact resistance; assembly labour savings; and growing demand from equipment rental agencies for longer product life.

Faroex is well positioned to respond, exploiting its tool kit of composite technologies: from VARTM structural shear plates for unitized floor pans to DCPD for hoods, engine side panels, fenders, radiator grilles and shrouds, and body panels. The Company is a leader in advancing DCPD technology, recently developing a new tooling system that - for the first time - provides low-volume users access to the benefits of DCPD without the tooling penalty commonly associated with this process.

Faroex’s superior dimensions of value include supplying completely integrated assemblies ready for installation – such as a hood and grille cassette complete with lighting, electrical harnesses, latches and latching hardware, and internal support elements, supplied line-sequenced for drop-on installation.

Market Manager: Bruno Doyon

Composite parts : Ron McGaskey